2023/05/10 The May monthly meeting

The May monthly meeting of “TMU Neuroscience Research Center

Time: 2023/05/10 (Wed) 12:10-13:40

Google Meet link: https://meet.google.com/tvc-unmw-arh

Host team:

  • Neural Rehabilitation Team (神經復健團隊) led by Prof. Chien-Hung Lai (賴建宏教授)​​
  • NeuroImage Team (神經影像團隊) led by Vice President Cheng-Yu Chen (陳震宇副校長)


  1. “Gaming-based Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Exercise for Neurological Rehabilitation “ presented by Dr. Yi-Shueh Chen (陳頤學醫師)
  2. Targeting Meningeal Lymphatics to Reduce Reperfusion Injury by Suppressing CCN1-mediated Pro-Inflammatory Macrophage Responses After Ischemic Stroke presented by Asst. Prof. Gilbert Aaron Lee (李爾博助理教授)

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