About us

About us

The Research Center for Neuroscience (NRC) of Taipei Medical University (TMU) was established by Vice President Chao-Ching Huang (the first Director) in August 2018. He rejuvenated and reorganized the previously neuroscience-related centers including the Center for Neurotrauma and Neuroregeneration, Stroke Research Center, Research Center of Brain and Consciousness, and Translational Imaging Research Center to become TMU Neuroscience Research Center. In addition, he recruited more clinical physicians and basic science researchers to form a total of 9 research teams by identification of their research interests and expertise to promote innovation via interaction and collaboration across the different disciplines (via monthly meetings). The NRC leadership was switched to Prof. Yung-Hsiao Chiang (the second Director) in 2019.  With more researchers joining NRC, we now have 11 research teams in NRC as follows: NeuroImage, Brain and Consciousness, Vascular Dementia, Retinopathy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Peripheral Neuropathy, Child Development, Platelet Neurotrophins for Neurorestorative Biotherapy, Sleep Medicine, Neural Rehabilitation, and Sug Pain.

The research fields of these 11 teams cover a broad spectrum such as from neurodevelopment to neurodegeneration, from central to peripheral neuropathy, from basic to clinical research. The function of NRC is to strengthen the communication basic neuroscientists and clinicians within each team and among teams with different disciplines and to promote research collaboration between the teams within NRC. The overall goal is to promote the research achievements of each team through publications in high-impact journals and to communicate with international scholars to upgrade our research and enhance international visibility.

The ultimate goal is to facilitate TMU NRC to become a global research center.