2022/08/10 The August monthly meeting

The August monthly meeting  of “TMU Neuroscience Research Center”

Time: 2022/08/10 (Wednesday) 12:10-13:40


Host team: Brain and Consciousness Team (大腦與意識團隊) led by Prof. Timothy Lane (藍亭教授).

Title: “Is philosophy relevant to practical science?

Abstract: The presentation will involve issues such as hypothesis testing and confirmation, theory generation, and how it affects what we see or look for, as well as what counts as scientific explanation, especially as this applies to medical sciences. The format for the presentation is a dialogue between Niall Duncan and Tim Lane, but a dialogue that we hope our colleagues will actively participate in. 

Presenters: Niall Duncan and Tim Lane, both of the Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness, as well as the Shuang Ho Hospital Brain and Consciousness Research Centre. 

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Software: Google Meet

 Attention: The meeting will be videotaped as proof of attendance.


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Thank you.